Geotextile 100 GSM

For waterproofing and Landscaping Geotextiles are technical fabrics used in civil engineering construction projects such as road pavements, railway track, dams, river canals and coastal work, embankments, drainage, and silt fencing for the purpose of soil reinforcement and stabilization, sport field construction, sedimentation and erosion control, agricultural and many sustainable other applications.

Geotextile 120 GSM

We offer 120 gsm geotextile fabric for various applications. Geotextiles are used as reinforcement in paved and unpaved roads to improve construction and long-term sustainable performance. The reinforcement sustainable function of geotextiles requires separation of the aggregate from the subgrade soil and filtration to be allowed water to pass freely from weak, wet sub grade soil into the aggregate layer owing to excess pore water pressure during, for optimal improvement in roadway performance

Geotextile 150 gsm

To prevent Soil from Entering and Clogging the Drainage System 

1 Roll -200 Sq m (Lenght 100mtr x 2 Mtr )

Geotextile is manufactured from high quality polypropylene Staple Fibres . The Fibers are mechanically bonded through Needle -punching to form a Strong ,

Flexible and Dimensionally Stable Structure , with optimum pore Sizes and high Permeability . The Geo textile is resistant to Chemical and biological Organisms. Normally found in Soil and is stabilized against degradation due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation . 

Geotextile 200 gsm

Products from the Geosynthetics range, Geotextiles are composed from synthetic polypropylene/polyester fibres through a mechanical process of needling the fabric and adding, when necessary, a thermo fused process, resulting in a uniform porous structure with excellent tensile strength and chemical deterioration.

Geotextiles are available in rolls of various sizes and three widely accepted colours – white, black and grey and can therefore, be customized as per the customer’s requirements.

Functions of Geotextiles:

  • Filtration
  • Separation
  • Reinforcement
  • Protection
  • Drainage
  • Waterproofing

300 GSM Geotextile

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of 300 Geotextiles are everywhere in new construction. They can be found in roads, railways, harbour works, drains, breakwaters, and on hillside erosion control applications. The most common applications of geotextiles include Separation, Stabilization, Reinforcement, Filtration, Moisture Barrier (or waterproofing), and Drainage