Application of geobags Sandbags can be placed as follows: 1. As a blanket: One or two layers of bags placed directly on the slope. An “interlocking” problem arises if the bags are filled completely. The bags are then too round. A solution is not to fill the bags completely, so that the sides flatten out somewhat, as a result of which the contact area becomes larger. 2. As a stack: Bags stacked up in the shape of a pyramid. The bags lie half-overlapping with the long side parallel to the shoreline. When installing geosystems, one should see to it that this does not take place on a rough foundation. Sharp elements may easily damage the casing of the element. Geosystems must not be filled completely. With a fill ratio of approximately 75% an optimum stability of the elements is reached. A sound soil protection is necessary if gravel (sand) sausages are used in circumstances where they are under attack of flow or waves. Stability criteria arediscussed in Pilarczyk (2000). The first indication on stability, based on small-scale tests, is given below:-Stability on slopes