Geotextile Fabric Uses

Geotextiles are those fabrics used in geotechnical applications, such as road and railway embankments, earth dikes, and coastal protection structures, designed to perform one or more basic functions such as filtration, drainage, separation of soil layers, reinforcement, or stabilisation.

Usage of Geo Bags

Geo bags are extremely useful in the construction of ports, dams, harbours, et al, as they provide a strong, durable, sustainable, and sturdy resistance from strong flow of water. … Geo bags can also be used in providing extra protection and strength to the bases of docks in regions where water current is higher.

Uses of Geotextile

Geotextiles are thin & strong membrane fabric which is used to reinforce soil & prevent from damage. Geotextiles are mostly used in road construction, especially to fill gaps between the roads to improve soil structure. Geotextile makes poor soil more beneficial for use and then easy to build in difficult places also.